Who We Are

We are skilled carpenters with a passion to build and create great things. We are passionate to bring our quality work to your home and make your home a better place.

What we do

In a nutshell, we build wood masterpieces. Almost anything wood made for your home, garage, bar, pub, business, office, library, church, worship center and so on. We pick the best materials and over the years, we have partnered with great suppliers who stock the best quality wood for us. From start to end, we use the best products in the market. When you start with the best items to begin with, you can be sure that the finished product will be absolutely perfect. Call for a free quote today.

About Quality Wood Cabinets

Kitchen Dark Wood Cabinets

We are skilled carpenters with a passion to build and create great things. We have been building wood cabinets for fifteen years now. Our customers love us and keep coming back with every new home purchase.

We make every piece of every puzzle our self’s. Everything is custom made here in our shop in Salem Oregon. Every project is done with detail and accuracy for perfection. Our commitment to you is that you will love your new cabinets. If you are not happy for any reason, we will make it right. We have not had anyone not like our work yet.

What We Do

Wine Bar Wood Cabinets

Simply stated, we do what we do best. Working with wood and creating masterpieces is our passion.

We constantly seek better materials that will last over time. Not every glue or paint holds over time. Lots of people can make cabinets with fancy tools from the hardware store but only Quality Wood Cabinets can make a masterpiece that will serve your home time after time.

Our Mission

Kitchen Wood Cabinets

Our mission is simple. We make customers for life.

Quality Wood Cabinets in Salem Oregon are committed to quality job. We will make your cabinets for your kitchen, library, office, bar, bathroom, garage and beyond.

Our Specialty

Bathroom Wood Cabinets

We specialize in custom wood cabinets for your home, office, church or business.

Wood Cabinets for library, kitchen, bathroom, living room, garage, office, basement, storage room, attic, home theater, bar, laundry room and more. If you can use quality wood cabinets, call for a quote today.

Call us for a quote today.

Quality Wood Cabinets are located in Salem, OR. We Service entire state of Oregon and Washington. Our quality is superb. Customers love our prices and come from all over northwest.